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Interchristian Fellowships' Evangelical Mission (IcFEM)


How Can I Help?

There are many ways in which you can help the work of IcFEM. IcFEM relies upon the generousity of our staff, supporters and partners around the world in terms of prayer, time, skills, comitment and finances.

  • Prayer ↓


    IcFEM has its roots and foundation in prayer. We couldn't operate without God answering our prayers on a regular basis. At IcFEM we pray in every situation starting each morning with a time of devotion and prayer. Once a month we have a weekend of prayer and fasting involving all staff and the local units as well as supporters around the world. We would love you to join us in supporting our work through regulary praying for us and those we serve in the communities.

    If you would like to join us in praying please email us: Please send me the monthly IcFEM prayer newsletter

  • Visiting ↓

    A great way to support IcFEM is to come and visit us to learn about what we do. This is a great chance to make new friends, experience a new culture and make a difference practically and spiritually. The best of way of visiting us from overseas is to come on the Gap volunteer programme which is open to anyone over the age of 18. IcFEM also offers the opportuinty for research and university students to learn from and help with the work in our hospital, schools and other programmes. Within Kenya we have enjoyed welcoming intern students who want to learn news skills and gain experience in working with a mission.
  • Fund Raising / Promoting ↓

    We are very grateful to our supporters around the world who champion the work of IcFEM. We are always on the look out for IcFEM ambasadors who can promote the causes of IcFEM and raise funds. If you are interested in helping to promote the work of IcFEM and/or fund raise for us please get in touch. We have put together some fund raising resources to help you do this.
  • Giving ↓

    The work of IcFEM is dynamic and diverse requiring financial support form our friends and partners. IcFEM are working hard at becoming a mission that is self sufficient so that God's Kindgom can continue to expand throughout our communities. The work of IcFEM can't continue or grow without the generosity and blessing of our financial supporters.

    For One-off donations, Standing Orders, Legacies & Wills, and Gift Aid - visit our 'Forms' page
    HMRC website offers a range of advice regarding tax efficient giving)

    There are a range of additional ways in which you can financially support IcFEM:

      Payroll Giving ↓


      If your employer runs the payroll giving scheme. You can donate to the IcFEM from your salary before tax is deducted, so you get tax relief straightaway. Find out from your payroll department. If your employer is one of the many offering a Payroll Giving scheme. If they don't, can you persuade your company to offer a payroll deduction scheme to all employees to the benefit of IcFEM-Mission (Europe)? If your employer does not operate such a scheme, or is prepared to add us to an existing scheme, please contact us and we will meet with them to arrange the logistics and IcFEM Mission promotion to the staff

      Gifting Stocks & Shares ↓


      Any quoted share can be gifted to a charity. Not only is the donation tax-free (potentially exempting donors from Capital Gains Tax) but also the value of the gift can be used to reduce income tax. The same rules apply to those who donate holdings in unit trusts or OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies), or land to a charity. To activate this giving, please contact us with your wishes and we will together work out the most efficient way of making the transfer.

      Gifting Land &/or Buildings ↓


      Gifts of land and buildings - You can get income tax relief when you donate land and/or buildings to IcFEM. For example, if you donate land and/or buildings worth £1000 you could reduce your income tax bill by £400. No capital gains tax will be due to on the gift.

      Gifting Tax Rebate ↓


      (HM Customs & Revenue Self Assessment Forms) - You may elect to have part or all of any tax rebate due paid direct to your appointed charity (IcFEM-Mission (Europe) is registered with the Inland Revenue for these purposes). To activate this giving, just include IcFEM-Mission (Europe) as a beneficiary of any tax rebates due on your Self Assessment Form, there is no need to contact us. REFERENCE No VAR79BG. Please insert our unique code VAR79BG in the section in your self assessment form.

      Student (Primary, Secondary or Higher Education) Sponsorship, and Student Bursary Fund ↓


      We welcome regular and one-off donations towards school fees for children and young people. The candidates chosen for sponsorship are selected carefully from the IcFEM LTU as being students with academic potential but being from needy families (or being orphans) and therefore unable to access support to enable them to access education at whatever level. You can also contribute to the fund to provide bursaries for needy children at IcFEM's own Dreamland Education Centre (DEC) primary school.

      Student Sponsorship Information & Forms

      EveryClick ↓


      Instead of using Google you can make Everyclick your homepage for searching the Internet and each click earns IcFEM money. Why not ask your place of work to set IcFEM's everclick page as theoffice default home page? You can even compete against friends & Collegues to see who can raise the most.

      IcFEM Shop ↓


      Visitors to IcFEM are able to purchase curio items as well as postcards, books and CDs. If you live in the UK Christmas Cards are available and we will be adding to the range fo products each year.

      IcFEM Online Shop