Spiritual Empowerment

Interchristian Fellowships' Evangelical Mission (IcFEM)


Spiritual Empowerment - Introduction

IcFEM is Evangelical - growing a person’s knowledge and relationship with God. We live in times when the identity of the Church of Christ is not evidently formed authoritatively and relevantly asserting her position in influencing the spiritual and in value-adding to the socio-economic aspects of life. Most churches would rather wait for people to join them rather than the Church reaching them with the Good News.

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In Western Kenya, if not the whole of Kenya or Africa, the spread of Christianity is too wide yet too shallow and hence the Church keeps losing her relevance in the community. This is attributed to poor discipleship (or none) within the Christian fraternity. This is evident through the adherence and promotion of retrogressive traditions and customs, increment in mushrooming denominations whose cohesiveness and canonicity is questionable and impact thinly felt. Individual or corporate prayer life is hardly authentic and if any, is as a mere religious practice. There is increased disunity among the existing Christians and or Christian groups leading to church halls being full with the majority being mere churchgoers rather than real converts with a threatening wave of wrong teachings and prophecies, sects, cults and the occults coming up day and night without a strategic and effective way of control. Unreliable pastoral services/ministry, political and tribal animosity are rampant and on the increase with standards of righteousness declining steadily.

This confirms what the scripture says concerning the state of our people in Isaiah 59:6-10, “ --they cannot cover themselves with what they make; deeds are evil, acts of violence in their hands, their feet run to evil and they are swift to shed innocent blood, the way of peace they do not know and there is no justice in their paths---looking for light yet all is darkness, like blind we grope along the wall-feeling our way like men without eyes stumbling as if it were darkness—Ruin and destruction mark their ways ( Romans 3:15-17)''

Therefore, it is on this basis that the IcFEM-Mission, through her Evangelism Ministry, endeavours to see God with people and their development by strategically reaching the unreached, discipling them, caring for both new and old converts and equipping them for ministry through the established structures in the community (Interchristian Fellowships) for the expansion and continuity of God's Kingdom.


A people prepared for Christ.


Bringing People to Christ's Body, developing them to maturity for ministry in the fellowship and mission for Life.


A Christianised Community.


  • To establish a structure in the Local Transformation Units.
  • To build the capacity of the Evangelism committees.
  • To build capacity of the ministry leaders
  • To reach out to unreached communities.
  • To disciple the leaders in other programmes.
  • To establish links with other relevant groups.
  • To promote prayer life among Fellowship members.
  • To recruit volunteer facilitators.


  • Form evangelism committees in each Local Transformation Unit.
  • Organise prayer campaigns in local units.
  • Form internal and external linkages and networks.
  • Hold monthly and quarterly meetings to identify emerging needs in the locality and train leaders accordingly.
  • Mobilisation of churches and other relevant stakeholders in strengthening their ministry.
  • Developing evangelism volunteers for effective facilitation of the ministry in local units.


  • Set up an Evangelism structure
  • Maintain an up-to-date register of the Coordinator, Assistant coordinators and Facilitators.
  • Carry out spiritual mapping and needs assessment of the transformational villages.
  • Reaching the unreached people, people groups and families.
  • Organise training, workshops, seminars and learning interactions among the local units and hold conferences for ministry leaders.
  • Partner and Network with other bona fide partners.
  • Identify and raise volunteer facilitators from each local unit for effective facilitation and monitoring.
  • Organise prayer groups and promote intercessory services.
  • Offer pastoral services.
  • Develop training materials.
  • Carry out monitoring, evaluation and reporting at every phase.

Expected Outputs:

  • A well established register of missionaries.
  • Increased number of converts in the communities.
  • At least every home with a Christian well conversant with biblical doctrines.
  • High standards of righteousness.
  • Intensification of the effective application of God's values ruling over other values that are ungodly in the community e.g. marriages, circumcision, intercessions - individually and communal.
  • Evidence of deaths, environmental stewardship, gender equality in terms of inheritance among others.
  • Enhanced unity among different denominations upholding the understanding of the biblical meaning of the Church of Christ.
  • Well developed disciples able to deliver the Good News about God's grace to every man, woman and child in their community.
  • Evacuation and transformation ministries handled in a balanced way by believers. (Wholistic approach to ministry).
  • Spontaneous pastoral services among the fellowship members.
  • Increased inter-Christian fellowships.
  • Well identified, developed and utilised spiritual gifts and talents among the members in the community.
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    Macdon Juma

    General Coordinator of Evangelism

  • Programs ↓


    Intercession Programme:

    This program finds members of the community who are prepared to pray, often with fasting, for the needs of the community and their spiritual welfare.

    Outreach Programme:

    This program finds members of the community who are prepared to visit others to deliver the Good News about God's grace to every man, woman and child in their community.

    Fellowship Formation:

    This is a dedicated team of headquarters staff who visit new areas to share the vision of IcFEM, to encourage IcFEM membership and the setting up of village fellowships leading eventually to the formation of a local transformation unit and is launching. Often this team is invited into new areas because community members see the changes and advantages gained by others and wish to see their community transformed.

    Discipleship Programme:

    This program is designed to grow individuals and communities in the knowledge of the Bible and in their relationship with God.

    Pastoral Care Programme:

    This program is designed to grow, pastoral care amongst communities, both delivered by individuals and church members.

    Church Leadership Development:

    The objective is to accelerate the growth and development of the Church i.e. the body of Christ, so as to strengthen the functions and influence of Christianity in society. The cardinal aim of the Church is to advance God's Kingdom on earth. It is the source of light in a world full of darkness, hope for the hopeless and justice in the unjust and wicked society. The great darkness today manifests in various forms of poverty, sickness and high death rates, increasing widows and orphans rising divorce rates, immorality, bad politics and governance with results that there is a general shifting in life's real values from godliness to secularism and atheism.

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    Young Offenders Ministry:

    The offenders attend regular meetings and are given leave of absence and encouragement to attend the meetings. The meeting consists of Christian teaching followed by a session of confidence building with attitude teaching on God-given freedoms to exist, to work, to love, to relate, to sell one's labour, etc. Following this the meeting break into discussion groups about how offenders can tackle their own problems to set up in business, etc and a spokesman for each group reports back at the end of the meeting.

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