Welcome to IcFEM

Interchristian Fellowships' Evangelical Mission (IcFEM)


'Holy Living and Hard Work'

IcFEM is an indigenous Kenyan organisation based in Kimilili, Western Kenya with a mission of smooth integration of community development, evangelism and innovative provision of holistic care. IcFEM aims at building people, especially in rural areas, both spiritually and practically to become self-supporting.

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Latest IcFEM News

Keep up-to-date with regular news from IcFEM


You can find out what has been happening with IcFEM through our news section.

We post regular updates via our blog which can be found here along with our news and prayer letters as well as the annual reports.

The Difference IcFEM makes

Stories of Community Transformation


The work of IcFEM has an impact. We've seen it over many years through the testimonies of many individuals and entire communities who are worshipping God because of the transformation they've experienced.

Carry on browsing to read some of these personal testimonies.

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Supporting IcFEM

How Can I Help?


Here you can find out how to play a part in the transformation process by praying, giving, spreading the good news and physically taking part.

Whether you live in Kenya or abroad, we would love to hear from you if you have skills, knowledge, time, funding or contacts that could assist us.

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Visiting IcFEM

Come and see us in Western Kenya


We welcome visitors from any country to visit us in Kimilili to see what we are doing and learn about the community transformation process

Whether short or long term, a visit to IcFEM can be a life-changing experience. Visit IcFEM's village community groups to see the effects our efforts are having to improve the daily lives of the people we seek to serve.

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Get Involved

Find out how you can be part of the mission and her work

Have you got skills, contacts or ideas that could accelerate the process of community transformation?

We have set up working groups to support each pillar & institution. Contact us for more information about joining one or more of the working groups here

Prayer support is very important to IcFEM. Contact us to receive our monthly prayer newsletter here