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The trading company generating revenue with, and on behalf of, communities served by IcFEM

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Why has the Mission set up IcFEM Ltd?

IcFEM Ltd is the new social enterprise arm of the Mission. It has been set up as a separate company, with its own Memorandum, and while it has been established to uphold the vision and aims of the Mission, its primary purpose is to make a profit. IcFEM Ltd has the following income sharing objectives:

  • To raise income for IcFEM Mission work through a 10% tithe of any profits made.
  • To reinvest income into IcFEM Ltd amounting to 15% of any profits made so as to expand environmentally and agriculturally sustainable enterprises being supported and run by the Mission.
  • To share with the LTUs/Fellowships 75% of any profits made from projects run by the organization in order to accelerate improvements in; rural livelihoods, strengthen local leadership, enterprise skills, incomes, and locally formed institutions.
  • In the longer term IcFEM Ltd aims to establish a community based shareholding company which is owned and supported by local individuals and registered groups associated with the Mission in Kenya .

To achieve this, IcFEM Ltd aims to provide technical assistance and loans to IcFEM Mission Local Transformation Units (LTUs) and Fellowships in the areas of environmental sustainability and agri-businesses. Profits from this company will be ploughed back into the Mission and the Communities involved represented by their LTUs and Fellowships.

IcFEM Ltd designs, manages and implements rural and urban development projects on a for profit basis using a social enterprise model based on a sharing of profits. IcFEM Ltd will evolve into a social enterprise with a portfolio of businesses and investment opportunities that aims to encourage both local and international investments on a: profitable, interest bearing, and environmentally sustainable basis.


The IcFEM Ltd staff team at based HQ:

(right to left) Richard Masibo, Daniel Wafula, Hugh Gibbon, Peter Okadie



We are already operating a number of successful businesses including: three agency banking outlets, lorry and tractor hire services and a craft shop.

Agency Banking  

  • Partnerships with three banks: Kenya Commercial Bank, Co-Operative & Equity.
  • Provides a secure banking service in smaller towns: Kimilili, Chwele, Sirisia, and we aim to expand this service to other areas
  • Services include opening bank accounts, depositing & withdrawing cash.
  • Also provides Airtel Money service (currently in negotiation with mPesa)
  • Managed by Rosemary Lukulu


Lorry and Tractor Service

  • Allows local people to hire vehicles for short time periods
  • Facilitates the transport and delivery of goods, and the tractor is especially useful to farmers in ploughing their fields.
  • Managed by Jacob Wakhungu



Craft Shop - Maua

  • Provides an outlet for local artists to sell and promote their work; based in Kimilili town.
  • Contains work from Maua art crew, which consists of eleven individual members and two craft groups, who meet twice a month.
  • Ambitions to run workshops and empower others to use their craft as a sustainable income.
  • Managed by Evans Nyongesa.



We have designed a number of new agri-business products aimed at supporting small-scale farmers and business people. These include: Tree and fruit nurseries, bee-keeping, poultry farming, dairy farming, greenhouses, tissue culture bananas, bio-gas, and a newspaper.

We want to build a new IcFEM Ltd office and demonstration site, where we may host these projects and facilitate training sessions to groups interested in establishing any one of our business products. We are hoping to work with local and national governments, as well as international non-governmental organisations. Currently we do not have the investment capital required to purchase land or to initiate these projects on our own demonstration site, but we are hoping to kick-start some within the LTUs and Fellowships in partnership with local County governments.

The following products are examples of what we have presented to potential local government partners within Bungoma and Trans-Nzoia Counties:

We will work with registered Youth and Womens Groups to promote commercial tree and fruit seedling sales through setting up nurseries. Site selection will be on the basis of readily available water and good market access.

 Promotion of Tree and Fruit Nurseries

We aim to work with 15 registered groups  (at least one per LTU) and estimate that each group will require a capital investment and running costs for the first year of production of approximately 280,000 Kshs.

Each group will have a target of 30- 50,000 seedling sales per cycle (2-3 per year)


Each County will have a target of seedlings to be raised of approximately 2 million.

 Promotion of Tissue Culture Bananas

We will work with individual farmers and link with the Super Ndizi Company at Mabanga to produce commercial sales with site selection on the basis of readily available land (minimum 1/8 acre (40 stools) and good market access in order to provide suitable bulking of bunches for easy transportation to a processing facility.

bananas taken to market


We aim to establish at least 10 farm portions per each LTU and estimate that each farmer will require a capital investment and running costs for the first year of production of approximately 15,000 Kshs.



Promotion of zero grazing for increased milk production
 dairy farmingWe will work with individual farmers to promote commercial dairies for milk production through setting up zero grazing units. Site selection will be on the basis of readily available water, fodder and good market access.
We aim to establish at least one unit per each LTU (13 across Bungoma County) and estimate that each facility will require a capital investment and running costs for the first year of production of approximately 460,000 Kshs. Each diary farmer is expected to break even after two full years of operation (based on two improved milking cows).

 In terms of raising capital for IcFEM Mission to continue with its work, we have prioritised products that are feasible for us to set up on land borrowed from the Mission for the time being, thus once we receive either loan or gift capital we are able to get started straight away. Further support to the existing agency banking and tractor hire service will provide us with the most return on our investment, as we do not have extra start-up costs in these businesses. However, in order to provide technical support and demonstration to farmers on our products, it is important we initiate some of these ourselves. We have identified the tree and fruit nursery, bee keeping, and poultry farming as the most low risk investments with the fastest break-even points.

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Our Partners:

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Case Studies and Stories:

We are collecting stories from IcFEM communities to share with you the inspirational results of their work:

Banana & Tree Nursery (click here to open the document in a new window)

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