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Dreamland Mission Hospital - Introduction

The mission-run medical facility, offering a wide range of high quality in-patient and out-patient services to local community members. Specialist surgeries are also carried out for conditions such as club foot, cataracts, fistula and cleft lip and palate. The Mission's aim through its health program is to set up a grass root structure in all the local units to primarily to allow members of the community to take charge of their own health issues. There is need for people who can group themselves in every village to look at the specific needs e.g. spiritual, food security, poverty, the needy, etc.


Dreamland Medical Care Centre

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  •  Meet the DMH team:


    Ruth Nabie

    CEO - Dreamland Mission Hospital


                                   (below) Some of the DMH staff outside the Hospital 







    IcFEM Dreamland Mission Hospital (DMH), originally called IcFEM Dreamland Medical Care Centre, was set up in 1999, with the ground floor of the phase 1 new building being opened in 2003, and Mission Hospital status obtained in February 2012. DMH provides good quality care at affordable prices for the rural community in the Mount Elgon and Bungoma county of Western Kenya.

     IcFEM DMH aims to work with the government hospitals in order to develop and provide gap filling services for the health care needs of this rural community. It is registered and licensed and is part of IcFEM Mission (Interchristian Fellowships Evangelical Mission) a registered government organisation. There is an IcFEM Hospital Board and DMH management team who oversee the running of the hospital.

    IcFEM DMH runs a comprehensive outpatient service, including a 24/7 assessment by clinical officers, basic laboratory testing, pharmacy, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, child welfare clinics, family planning, ante natal and post natal care.  DMH is staffed by over 70 Kenyan clinical and support staff as well as a UK volunteers. The IcFEM motto of Holy Living and Hard Work runs through the core working principles of the staff at DMH. They aim to give time and energy, skill and dedication to each patient and treat them as individuals with quality care.


    In 2011 the second floor of DMH was completed providing much needed X-ray, ultrasound and dental services as well as various consultation rooms for visiting medical staff. The X-ray and Ultrasound service is very busy and running self-sufficiently. The dental service provides dental hygiene, education and treatments not previously available to the community. The IcFEM DMH management aims to increase the scope of the dental service by seeking funding for free treatment to children and subsidised services to adults.

    Rebecca (COHO) assisted by Maureen, treating a patient in the new dental suite

    A specialised eye theatre was also finished and equipped at the end of 2011. The eye team now assess over 400 eye patients a month providing medication for eye diseases and reading glasses where required.  Thanks to a grant, eye surgery is provided at a significantly subsidised cost, allowing this poor community to access it. Since opening the new eye theatre in Dec 2011, the eye team has done 30-40 cataract operations a month, restoring sight to the blind. The hospital now has full cataract surgeon and is running an eye service 5 days a week.

    The eye surgical team in eye theatre

    Eye screening in the market


    The treatment of disabled children has also been a large focus of the hospital; April 2012 saw the provision of 200 wheelchairs to disabled people in the area. In the past 10 years IcFEM Mission has worked with the organisation Wheels for the World to provide over 1500 wheelchairs to disabled people in and around Western Kenya. Thanks to another donor IcFEM DMH also provides free Ponseti plastering technique to babies and children with club foot, seeing 50-70 children a year and giving them back the ability to walk and lead a normal life.

    In order that DMH continues to grow and provide much needed services, we have built 2 new wards to accommodate a further 20 patients, a 10 bedded maternity unit, an operating theatre and mortuary. The need for these is huge in this community and the theatre provides emergency treatment as well as elective orthopaedic and facial surgery. In the past DMH has had to transport these very sick patients for over an hour before they can reach a full operating theatre.

    The buildings are now fully equipped with the theatre equipment and visiting teams have done over 100 elective corrective surgery on disabled children.

    The hospital has partnered with Smile Train and in September 2014 started a cleft lip surgery programme, allowing children to be given back the gift of a smile. The hospital has 24/7 medical coverage and now in order to grow requires experienced Doctor to train the current staff and provide higher standards of care.

    DMH is a growing Mission Hospital, entirely not for profit;  It requires on going support in order to keep growing and allow local people to receive quality health care at a price they can afford.

    If you would like to support us please visit our page at www.justgiving.com/IcFEMDMH

    If you would like more information about the hospital please contact the team at: dreamlandhospital@icfem.org or office@icfem-mission.org

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    Special Programmes (click for more info)


    HIV/AIDS - IcFEM Mission HIV/AIDS mitigation plan aims to strengthen its efforts in fighting the HIV menace through various poverty eradication strategies which are the underlying root causes of the spread of the epidemic. The scourge has rendered both the affected and the infected to take up a never ending recipient's role that has destroyed their productive visionary reliance.

    For more information on this project

    Circumcision - Circumcision for teenage boys is deeply embedded in some parts of Kenyan culture and is a rite of passage from boyhood to manhood with ceremonies taking place in the Kimilili area every two years in early August although the neighbouring tribal group have annual ceremonies in December. The Mission is not trying to change the practice but to tackle the traditional cult of circumcision, which is medically unsafe and full of pagan practice and witchcraft, and to replace it with clean, clinical circumcision by trained medics

    For more information on this project

    Eye camps -


    There are large numbers off people in the community with eye problems and many blind due to cataracts which can be cured by a relatively simple operation. The Mission has staff trained in eye disease assessment who go out into the community to assess patients to attend the eye camps held at the Dreamland Medical Care Centre (DMCC) in conjunction with a visiting team from Sabatia Eye Hospital. These camps are held several times a year with around 600 patients attending for glasses and medicines, with often 100 undergoing surgery for removal of cataracts. There are many heartening stories of patients who were blind but can now see.

    Orthopaedic Workshop - The Dreamland Medical Care Centre (DMCC) is extremely fortunate in having an orthopaedic workshop where a fully trained Orthopaedic technologist skilfully makes all sorts of walking and supporting aids for the disabled. In conjunction with the registered physiotherapist they provide a service to the community to encourage parents and carers to improve the life of those with physical disability. This valuable facility works in conjunction with the Bethesda Pool program and wheelchair distributions where the Mission is generously supported by the UK charity Wheels for the World.

    Background - Medical Treatment for the Disabled

    Disabled children are often kept out of sight and may lack significant medical care. They are also more susceptible to everyday dangers such as fire, as open fires are part of everyday life. The scale of the problem became apparent when carrying out a survey, as many of the children encountered had physical rather than mental problems, yet nothing was being done for them.


    • For correction of hare lip and cleft palate children are taken with a relative in to Gertrude's Garden Children's Hospital in Nairobi where the corrective surgery is carried out free of charge.
    • Regular assessment clinics are also carried out at Kitale Hospital (30 miles away) by visiting specialists from Kijabe Bethany Crippled Children's' Centre. As a result, those who can be helped are taken to Kijabe. At this well equipped Mission hospital, which is a whole days journey away, patients can receive surgery which is not available locally. A typical operation, together with assessment and after care, which costs a few hundred pounds, can completely change a child's life.
    • Bethesda Pool Project (See John 5:7) - Those with disability are identified with the help of Local Transformation Unit leaders.