Dreamland Educational Centre (DEC)

Interchristian Fellowships' Evangelical Mission (IcFEM)


DEC Primary School - Introduction

The mission's primary school provides high quality education for day and boarding students, some of whom are sponsored students from needy families within IcFEM communities.
 DEC students

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Education is an important part of IcFEM’s strategy for accelerating total community transformation. IcFEM established its own primary school as a model institution that would integrate high quality teaching with the Christian teaching found throughout IcFEM’s work. Dreamland Education Centre Primary School (DEC) provides good quality education, in a safe, clean environment, for children aged 5-14 with the possibility of boarding.

This project has taken place in several phases of development. Phase 1, a four-classroom block for primary school children, was completed in March 2001 and is in use. Phase 2, initially comprised of a single-storey building which had eight classrooms and some offices and was brought into use for upper primary education in 2003. The second floor was completed in 2006. There are two dormitories (boys & girls) with staff accommodation to allow children from a distance to attend as boarders and benefit from the facility.

DEC also has a bursary fund for primary education to help with fees which allows more needy children to attend.



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    Ruth Nabie

    Deputy Director - Mission Institutions